Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Gosh, Sex Photos Justin Bieber-Sofia Richie in Public Places Create a Socmed furor

Sex Photos Justin Bieber-Sofia Richie

Relations Justin Bieber and his new girlfriend, Sofia Richie is always in the spotlight. This time, the pair re-create a scene because photographs of sex are both spread in cyberspace.

The photos were taken while both were vacationing in Mexico to celebrate the birthday of the 18th Sofia. In these photos, Justin and Sofia looked confident to have sex in public places.

In fact, in the picture looks clear if there is someone who is paying attention both. However, the couple seemed very in love drunk so do not care about the person.

Photographs of sex is of course directly reap various comments netter. There was a bit of a netter who give negative comments about the circulation of these photos.

"I was a big fan of Justin, but I was very disgusted to see these pictures #justinssextapeleakedparty," wrote netter attack. "So this is the reason Justin had not come at the VMA? It is sad," added another netter. "A drama again. Not quite close Instagram, he seemed very much like destroying their own career," commented another netter.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Miranda Kerr dating billionaire founder Snapchat, Evan Spiegel

Some time ago, Miranda Kerr was rumored to have a special relationship with an Australian billionaire James Packer. However, shortly after this issue blows, apparently James actually going out with Mariah Carey.

Now a good news again came from the former wife of Orlando Bloom's. Reported by the Daily Mail, Miranda reportedly had a special relationship with a handsome billionaire who is the founder Snapchat turns, Evan Spiegel.

Not just a mere rumor, one camera media also managed to capture their intimate moments while being romantic date. It is caught when Miranda and Evan appeared in the LA Farmers Market on Sunday (12/7) then.

Like a pair of lovers in love, the two did not hesitate to join hands with one another. No matter the number of people who are around them, both Miranda and Evan really seemed to enjoy this moment of togetherness time.

25-year-old handsome man looked just bought some beautiful bouquet of various types and shapes. Both were absolutely harmonious and compact wearing a white t-shirt and matching sneakers.

This is the first time they are caught together in public. Until now there has been no official comment from the Miranda and Evan related to rumors of their closeness. Could they decided to dating?

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Is this evidence If Tom Cruise could yet Move On From Katie Holmes?

Emily Thomas and Katie Holmes, really similar is not it?
The love story of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes was already long over. Couples who used to be very harmonious and romantic it has decided to terminate their household in divorce in 2012 ago.

3 years commencing the status of single, recently circulated a paper that says if Tom already has a new girlfriend. Who is she? Reported by the Daily Mail, the lucky lady that was one of his assistants on the set of named Emily.

Although he was only 22 years old, was Emily has a charm of beauty that is so remarkable. In fact, charming face that was in him actually almost identical to the former wife of the Mission Impossible star.

In these portraits, you can see clearly what kind of similarity that exists in both. No wonder if it managed to steal the attention of the public and the media.

Many believe if Tom is still not able to move on from women who had filled his days were. Unfortunately, until now there has been no direct confirmation of the Tom and Emily linked their actual relationship.

Well, if Tom reportedly already has a new girlfriend, the same thing could also be heard on the part of Katie. 1 The recent widow also reportedly had a special relationship with one of the famous actor, Jamie Foxx.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Gosh, sanitary napkins Patricia Navidad Fall As Shown on Univision's "Despierta America" (Wake Up America)

An embarrassing incident had just experienced a beautiful and sexy singers from Mexico, Patricia Navidad. Unwittingly in the middle of performing in a live event TV show female sanitary napkins fall.

Reported Mirror.co.uk, Friday (17/07/2015) at the time, Patricia was wearing a blue mini dress. As she was singing the song "Viva Mexico" on the morning show Univision's  "Despierta  America" (Wake Up America),  her sanitary napkins fell on the floor.

Although she knew that the her sanitary napkins fall. She continued her performance. She seemed to ignore the embarrassing incident. She just took the dressings which crashed shortly after singing.

Events experienced Patricia quickly spread to a number of social media and the subject of conversation the netizen or netter. Some netizens do not hesitate to write criticism related to the incident.

Meanwhile, responding to events that he experienced. Patricia through her Twitter account expresses "It is sad there are men who forget that they are here because of a woman and they are very offensive and vulgar in women. Women use pads ... my pads fell," her twit in Spanish.

Not only that, netizens even suspect Patricia had accidentally dropped the dressings to seek sensation. "I want to clarify that I have never and will never throw a napkin," said Patricia on the issue.

"Thank you, I love you," she went on to thank the fans who still support it. "This is not something that should embarrass or reviled."

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Daniella Semaan have newborn baby girl again from Cesc Fabregas

Cesc Fabregas girlfriend, Daniella Semaan, gave birth to their second child. Um, actually the fourth child does when calculated from first husband, a millionaire. And do not forget, Daneilla now 40 years old. Compare with Cesc is still 28 years. 

Cesc instantly share photos of the newborn child with by the followers on Instagram. Spain international players aged 28 was posed in the delivery room with her partner Daniella Semaan in hospital beds and their baby girl.

The pair had previously had a daughter, Lia, who was born in 2013 and Semaan, now aged 40, has two children from a previous relationship.

Daniella about relationships before, depending on who you believe, there are two versions of how ex Arsenal Cesc Fabregas met the glamorous girlfriend.

It is said that they first exchanged phone numbers after he nervously went to him at a Japanese restaurant in London to ask for his autograph for his son who is crazy about him.

But fellow WAGs in Barcelona prefer more story full of drama. In their version, Semaan provocatively beautiful walk across the room to the Japanese restaurant, followed by the eyes of every visitor male, before boldly dropping a piece of paper, containing her cell phone number, to table the player, who was still grazing in Barcelona , That was the beginning of the introduction of the two of them.

The story is more like a soap opera was mentioned, the Lebanese-born Daniella actually in the middle of a happy marriage with a millionaire then domiciled in London, Elie Taktouk, with whom she had two children.

38-year-old husband who first learned of his wife's infidelity when she opened the morning newspaper one day in the month of June 2011, and was greeted by a picture of his wife, who is also 38 years old, was sharing the sun with the Spanish international in Nice, southern coast of France.

And there is cause Taktouk not tasteful spend the next meal is, what the paper was referred to as a mysterious woman with golden hair was none other than his wife.

At the divorce hearing in London, Taktouk Semaan accused of lying to a judge claiming that soccer players ball does not fund his luxury lifestyle.

Taktouk, who also came from Lebanon, wants to cancel the judge orders him to sell their apartment in London for USD 10 million and gave his former wife USD 2 million money to buy a new home in the English capital.

Daniella Semaan, who is 13 years older than her lover, denied the allegations and asserted the football star, who earned USD 7 million a year, not to finance his lifestyle and give money just to take care of their baby, Lia.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

17 Years Married, Will Smith and The Wife Will Divorce?

Lately, a lot of emerging news about celebrity divorce. Ranging from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Although the news is not entirely true, but the public still helm if their idol couples to split up after a long marriage.

Now the celebrity divorce news back sticking out. This time it came from a couple who have been married 17 years, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett. Although the two often seemed to intimate together, but still not make them in spite of this bad news.

As reported Gossipcop, divorce rumors have come from one of the narrative source in InTouch. The source revealed that Jada is now being diligent consultation with a divorce lawyer to discuss Will's behavior is judged changed.

"Marriage Will and Jada are now in big trouble and Jada plan to file for divorce. Starting around May last, she had consulted a famous divorce lawyer about the problems she faced. Jada do not hesitate to leave her husband if that was the best," said the source.

The source also revealed that now Jada had still wanted to maintain the household. But if Will does not change, she did not hesitate to divorce even though her marriage is now blessed with two children who are gifted.

Hearing this news, Jada also had expressed his opinion on Entertainment Tonight. According to her, this news is very untrue and made her sick. "As long as you know, we're getting a divorce," she said.
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