Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Video Undress Radhika Apte, Leaked to Social Media

Video Nude Radhika Apte, Leaked to Social Media
Totality career ended sadly turned out, this seems to be perceived actress Radhika Apte. Movie scene that required him to dress apparently does not even have to leak into social media applications.

Feeling responsible for this incident, the director can not remain silent. Directed in collaboration with Radhika, Anurag Kashyap reveal about the beginning of the making of the scene.

Reporting from Hindustan Times, apparently the reason behind the scenes without clothes because the plan this movie is intended for international markets. The short film that lasted for 20 minutes does he directed, but planned to be combined into a feature-length film with the film by the director's 6 other.

Anurag found naked scene had taken was inspired by a true story and is needed for the totality of the story. Quite difficult for an actress to portray this character.

Do not stop there, Anurag also expressed that if the film is screened in India certainly he will perform sensor. However, due to the international, he did not do it and immediately send the short films to New York last month.

Not unexpectedly, suddenly short film has been widely circulated secaraonline. Anurag take immediate action on this, he immediately took his case to the Mumbai police. Until now, Radhika Apte can not be questioned. We wait for the latest updates from the case in the future.
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