Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Gosh, Sex Photos Justin Bieber-Sofia Richie in Public Places Create a Socmed furor

Sex Photos Justin Bieber-Sofia Richie

Relations Justin Bieber and his new girlfriend, Sofia Richie is always in the spotlight. This time, the pair re-create a scene because photographs of sex are both spread in cyberspace.

The photos were taken while both were vacationing in Mexico to celebrate the birthday of the 18th Sofia. In these photos, Justin and Sofia looked confident to have sex in public places.

In fact, in the picture looks clear if there is someone who is paying attention both. However, the couple seemed very in love drunk so do not care about the person.

Photographs of sex is of course directly reap various comments netter. There was a bit of a netter who give negative comments about the circulation of these photos.

"I was a big fan of Justin, but I was very disgusted to see these pictures #justinssextapeleakedparty," wrote netter attack. "So this is the reason Justin had not come at the VMA? It is sad," added another netter. "A drama again. Not quite close Instagram, he seemed very much like destroying their own career," commented another netter.
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