Sunday, May 31, 2015

There BatMobil in location filming, Batman Come 'SUICIDE SQUAD'?

BatMobil in location filming SUICIDE SQUAD
The movie is still running next year, but the leak-leaked photos from the set SUICIDE SQUAD increasingly make impatient. After last week offered a chase scene between Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) and The Joker (Jared Leto), now turn the car.

Yups a car. Reporting from Aceshowbiz, the Batmobile, Batman aka owned vehicles, was spotted on the set SUICIDE SQUAD. It was the same car used in the movie Batman BATMAN SUPERMAN V: DAWN OF JUSTICE.

The photos were uploaded by @terenceyip account on Instagram. Currently SUICIDE SQUAD is currently filming in Toronto, Canada.

Last month, the cast of Batman, Ben Affleck, also seen at the scene filming the super criminals. With the existence of these photos to speculation that Ben Affleck will participate as Bruce Wayne or Batman.

Ben Affleck's participation has not been confirmed at this time. Had husband of Jennifer Garner participate then SUICIDE SQUAD will be studded. Besides Margot Robbie and Jared Leto, another name is Will Smith, Cara Delevingne, Jai Courtney and others.

SUICIDE SQUAD tells of the criminals who were recruited black government to conduct operations in order to freedom. The film, directed by David Ayer will air August 5, 2016.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Demi Moore & Her Daughter Rumer Willis, Like a spitting

Age is already no longer young, but the beauty of which is owned by Demi Moore still able to beat the other young stars. No wonder if she managed to steal the hearts of Ashton Kutcher though their romance had run aground in the middle of the road.

However, do you know if the beautiful face which is owned by Demi also bequeathed directly to the princess? Yup, this proved significantly through an account of uploaded photos Rumer Willis in her Instagram account.

It was there seemed to Demi and her daughter from her marriage to Bruce Willis result it has the appearance of a really similar, as reported by the Daily Mail. Curious as to what appearance?

In these portraits, you can clearly see what looks like Demi and Rumer were almost indistinguishable. Ranging from head to toe, mother and child pair is really similar.

That's where Rumer and beautiful woman 52-year-old was wearing a navy blue jumpsuit really the same. Their appearance became more similar to the hairstyle and round glasses she wore.

Frankly it managed to steal the attention of his followers on Instagram. Many are assessing if Demi and Rumer really pretty and similar.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Stumble Law, Johnny Depp Face Jail Threat 10 Years

Johnny Depp may be any well known through its action in various big movie titles. However, the great reputation that does not make him immune from the law.

Starring captain Jack Sparrow is threatened in jail for ten years after breaking a rule of law. It began when he and his wife Amber Heard fly to Australia.

His departure to Australia turns leaves a problem for him. Johnny Depp was convicted after being convicted of smuggling two pet dog illegally to Australia.

Johnny Depp called not confirm if the two pet dog named Boo the gun and flew with his owner. Australian Senate committee also stated that Johnny Depp guilty.

A sentence to a fine or imprisonment is looking actor 51 years. Star in the film Pirates of the Caribbean must be ready to pay a fine of nearly  $265,000 or languishing in prison for 10 years.

This violation was discovered after Johnny Depp brought two pet dogs to local animal salon. Unfortunately, it is caught on camera and spread on social media.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Alessia Tedeschi, Is this girl that ensnare Ronaldo?

Alessia Tedeschi New Girlfriends Cristiano Ronaldo

Perhaps this is why Real Madrid were knocked out in the Champions League. A model of Italian origin who became the new girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo, Alessia Tedeschi, was present in the audience when the second leg semi-final match when Real Madrid draw against Juventus some time ago.

Ronaldo - who scored his 61st of the season over the weekend victory against Getafe - recently split with supermodel Irina Shayk.

Thanks to the photographs of bikini snapshots of Tedeschi's easy to see why he attracted the attention of one of the most famous sports celebrities.

The pair reportedly met through their campaign models for Armani Exchange, the source says romance soon grew between them.

They are said to have spent time together in Madrid, following his trip to watch the model's second leg semi-final match Real Madrid against Juventus.

Alessia then went to France for the Cannes Film Festival, after which he was in Monaco for the Grand Prix, during which Ronaldo attended a photocall with British model Cara Delevingne on Sunday afternoon.

Five years Ronaldo and Shayk romance ended in January, but the model of Sports Illustrated was soon filled the nights of loneliness with the help of Hollywood star Bradley Cooper.

Among Tedeschi is the famous former Genoa striker Marco Borriello and Luigi Berlusconi, the son of former Italian Prime Minister and owner of AC Milan, Silvio Berlusconi.

Congrats! Keira Knightley Finally Childbirth First Children

As one of the world's top celebrities in Hollywood, everything about Keira Knightley will always managed to steal the attention. Whether it's about achievement, career, fashion sense, to her  home with James Righton.

Now came a new news from her. Keira long wait finally answered. This one beautiful actress finally gave birth to her first child of the husband. This would be a good news that has been eagerly awaited by many people.

As reported by E! Online, it is directly expressed by many sources. They deliver if the British actress is now finally officially become a mother.

Unfortunately, until now there has been no direct confirmation of the Keira and James related the birth of her baby. So no wonder if the gender of their baby still leaves a big question mark for the public.

The pair has been officially married since May 2013 last. During her time as a married couple, both of them always seemed to intimate and romantic. When pregnant too, James also accompany the stars THE IMITATION GAME.

Previously, Keira had revealed that after officially becoming a mother, later she will divide her time on the job and also take care of his family. Curious what sex the baby's face and funny what Keira? We wait for further news!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Khloe Kardashian Wear Hijab and Veiled, What's Up?

Khloe Kardashian Wear Hijab and Veiled

Kardashian clan is one of the most popular celebrity family in the world of Hollywood. Besides Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian also news about the always eagerly anticipated by the public and the media.

This time it sounds avery shocking news of the woman's 30-year-old beauty. No longer an open and challenging dressed as usual, it appears dressed Khloe covered, veiled, and also the veil.

This is a real emblazoned with a photo uploaded via personal Instagram account. Curious what Star sightings Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons this?

That's where you can see clearly what Khloe looks very different from the usual. Covering almost the entire face, Khloe only shows the eyes in front of the camera cell phone

Not without reason, it turns Khloe appearance was deliberately done by him in the context of a visit to Dubai, as reported by E! On Line. Most Middle Eastern woman is dressed closed, I wonder if he intends to emulate.

But apparently, portrait selfie itself immediately sparked heated controversy of the follower Khloe in Instagram. Many of the judge if what Khloe do not deserve this at all. If you think you own what?

Reese Witherspoon Will played Tinker Bell

Who does not know the fairy tale character Tinker Bell? In your childhood, you would have seen this story a fairy tale without boredom when the holiday arrives. However, have you ever imagined if Reese Witherspoon is the main star?

Yup, the Disney will soon make the latest claim to one of the special characters in the film's PETER PAN. Unsparing, they will hold and beautiful actress is known to be very talented, as reported by People.

In it will present a fairy tale that has been awaited by his fans. Not only the star-studded talent, TINKER BELL will be filled with a variety of cool effects that will amaze any audience success.

Unfortunately, until now there has been no definite confirmation of when the movie is planned to be produced. Even so, the success of Disney works such as ALICE IN WONDERLAND, MALEFICENT, and CINDERELLA also certainly will get the same reception extraordinary in this film.

Reese is expected to return to repeat the great history for an Oscar winner. Previously, Julia Roberts has also played the character of Tinker Bell in the film HOOK in 1991 ago.

Such as what would become of the production process and anyone TINKER BELL great star which will also play a role in it? Will this Disney masterpiece again warmly welcomed by moviegoers?

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Margaret "Peggy" Carter , Characters Who Died in 'CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR'?

Some time there is news that says that CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR which is currently filming in Atlanta, has been taking pictures at a funeral. The existence of this news also makes fans wonder who the characters are going to die?

Rumors say earlier that the figure of the deceased is SteveRogers (Chris Evans), aka the captain himself. Moreover CIVIL WAR touted taken from one of the stories in which Captain America Steve Rogers was shot while saving Iron Man.

This concern eventually eased, after a photograph circulating in cyberspace. Reporting from Aceshowbiz website, the photo was first uploaded on Tumblr. The image is a leaflet stating the location of the cemetery.

In the pamphlet, written character dies is Margaret Carter aka Peggy Carter, Captain America's first love. Peggy Carter in the first film of the captain played by Hayley Atwell. While in the second movie, he told an old and ailing.

The Marvel reportedly requested the photo be removed from Tumblr. But the power of social media can not be underestimated. The image immediately spread on Twitter and Instagram.

Well, though not certain, but this news makes little relieved Captain America fans who fear the death of his favorite superhero. Meanwhile CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR will be published in May 2016.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Attract Writers 'Walking Dead' New World 'TRANSFORMERS' Begins

New 'Transformers' Sequels

Is a fan of robots giant Autobot and Decepticon? So now you shall grinning. Because the TRANSFORMERS movie franchise will experience a much wider dimension in the future.

No kidding, to realize that ambition, author and creator of the series The Walking Dead Robert Kirkman on hooks in realizing the plan's much larger TRANSFORMERS it. Not only Kirkman, there are the names of other popular writers are also involved.

News of the expansion of world TRANSFORMERS it has been mentioned since the beginning of this year. Where the Paramount is working with writer and producer Akiva Goldsman to make a movie spin-off of the main story of the battle robots.

Even recently the media Deadline reported if the author of the movie X-MEN, Zak Penn, the writer of TV series Fringe, Jeff Pinkner and author IRON MAN, Matt Holloway and Art Marcum join. The big names will gather together to cook up a story Kirkman prequel and spin off from the Cybertron world project.

Meanwhile, Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner revealed in late April and if the movie continuation Transformers: Age of Extinction ready to be released. Where Brian chose 2017 as the release of the fifth film of the gang Optimus Prime, as reported by Digital Spy.

Not without reason if Hasbro and Paramount so increasingly expanding world TRANSFORMERS spirit. The last movie they just record purse money of more than $ 1.1 billion at the box office last summer. It is also mentioned third sequel TRANSFORMERS main actors yesterday, Mark Wahlberg will return in the sequel as Cade Yeager.

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