Thursday, April 30, 2015

Selfie Without Make Up, Katrina Kaif Still Looks Like Angel

The beautiful actress Katrina Kaif is widely known by the beauty and appearance always maximized. But this time, sweetheart Ranbir Kapoor was performed without any makeup at all. Curious as to what her face?

More surprisingly, it turns out this photo uploading it in her personal Twitter account. Apparently now Katrina Kaif has joined Twitter with his account @KatrinaAtCannes on Saturday (25/4) then. Not without reason, this account she made because he is brand ambassador of a shampoo brand renowned appointing to perform at the Cannes Film Festival in 2015.

Many doubted the existence of Twitter Katrina because the goal only he used for the promo. Public suspect after her stint in Cannes ended, it ended the age of the account.

It is also not much different from that experienced by her boyfriend, Ranbir Kapoor. At that time Ranbir also create a Twitter account for the marketing campaign a well-known brand watches, but after his job was over it was he close his account.

In the photos uploaded on Monday (27/3), Katrina seemed to be a faraway and looked in the other direction. From the rear sight slightly visible, this photo she took while at the beach.

Katrina looks very beautiful with a charming face without makeup. Beauty she has apparently completely natural from within her.  Her face is certainly very rare natural for we can watch anytime.

"Thanks for all the love that I can! I'm not a person who likes selfie but this exclusive photo first for all of my fans are pretty," she wrote.

Well, yes Katrina lucky fans were awarded this very special photo. Hopefully this account long-lived and still she used to pamper loyal fans.

Video Nude Leaks, Radhika Apte is accused's Popularity

Video Nude Leaks, Radhika Apte
Some time ago the Indian public commotion with video Nude actress Radhika Apte leaked and spread into cyberspace. Media assess this incident is only the sensation created by the filmmaker exclusively as part of the promo of the film.

Feel  quipped, the director Anurag Kashyap hurt and did not accept. Frustration at this media he expressed in booms at Twitter. He considered that the media is now worse than the person who leaked the video of the obscene.

Reporting from Indian Express, furthermore Anurag also confirmed that only the mind of the 'sick' who said that the leaking of the video 'hot' is only part of the promotion and seek public attention.

"Videotape leaked when shipped to New York and the beginning of the hack also in New York. Office of producers there are investigating as well as part of the criminal police. And soon we will find the culprit. Basic media 'sick' and thought that 'pain, "he wrote.

Video duration of 20 minutes was a Anurag international film project that will be combined with the film of six other directors who come from several countries. The beautiful actress Radhika Apte brave to do nude scenes in the movie.

Anurag is currently also being handed the case to the Mumbai police. We wait for the future development of this case.

Wear MakeUp Minimalism, Aishwarya Rai Stay Beautiful plenary

@instagram/mickeycontractor Aishwarya Rai makeup minimalism
No one feels when Aishwarya Rai was ranked second most beautiful woman in the world. Because when he is not wearing any makeup thick, Abhishek Bachchan's wife was still beautiful like a fairy.

Evident from a photograph on display by a make up artist of Indian origin, Mickey Contractor. He uploading Aishwarya's face while wearing minimal makeup, and he still enchant even though the photo was not filtered.

Through the column caption, Mickey stating that pose he took on the sidelines filming JAZBAA who put Aishwarya as the main star. If there are fans who are curious about how the appearance of Aish in JAZBAA, then this picture is the answer.

Increasing age, Aishwarya it looks increasingly attractive. As if there are no signs of aging even though age has now been stepped on figures 41 years.

Netizens also many who agree that Aishwarya was super beautiful. They are flooded with compliments Mickey account, not just a matter of perfect makeup, but the beauty Aishwarya is complete.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Video Undress Radhika Apte, Leaked to Social Media

Video Nude Radhika Apte, Leaked to Social Media
Totality career ended sadly turned out, this seems to be perceived actress Radhika Apte. Movie scene that required him to dress apparently does not even have to leak into social media applications.

Feeling responsible for this incident, the director can not remain silent. Directed in collaboration with Radhika, Anurag Kashyap reveal about the beginning of the making of the scene.

Reporting from Hindustan Times, apparently the reason behind the scenes without clothes because the plan this movie is intended for international markets. The short film that lasted for 20 minutes does he directed, but planned to be combined into a feature-length film with the film by the director's 6 other.

Anurag found naked scene had taken was inspired by a true story and is needed for the totality of the story. Quite difficult for an actress to portray this character.

Do not stop there, Anurag also expressed that if the film is screened in India certainly he will perform sensor. However, due to the international, he did not do it and immediately send the short films to New York last month.

Not unexpectedly, suddenly short film has been widely circulated secaraonline. Anurag take immediate action on this, he immediately took his case to the Mumbai police. Until now, Radhika Apte can not be questioned. We wait for the latest updates from the case in the future.

Michelle Keegan to be crowned FHM's Sexiest Woman In The World 2015

Michelle Keegan to be crowned FHM's Sexiest Woman In The World 2015
Model and actress Michelle Keegan's success is in the first position in the release of 100 sexiest women in the world FHM magazine.

A year earlier, Michelle Keegan must be satisfied in runner-up position after being defeated by Jennifer Lawrence. While Jennifer's time is now down 2 numbers to position 3.

Responding sexy appearance, Mark Wright as the fiancée Michelle, never revealing his anxiety. Through the friend, Toby Anstis, the British famous presenter said he did not like to see the man who tried to approach Michelle.

Toby said, "Mark had said to me, he was very anxious because Michelle too often posting pictures of herself sexy. Mark agitated when the bride is wearing a sexy bikini and surrounded by many men who flirted with him, "on Tuesday (04/28/2015).

Being under Michelle Keegan, Kendall Jenner, who for the first time into the top 10, managed to occupy the runner-up position. 19-year-old model was successfully beat top celebrities like Margot Robbie to Jennifer Lopez.

FHM 100 Sexiest supplement comes free with the June edition of FHM magazine, on sale on Thursday. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The film 'Frozen' Tracing Tale of Kuwait?

'Frozen' Tracing The Snow Princess New Fairy Tales
You still remember the movie 'Frozen'? Disney movie was booming and creating their own trends among children. Evidently, the film endlessly watched by them and the song is titled 'Let it Go' as inherent in the ears of children.

However, the film turned out to be involved in the case and sued for plagiarizing a story from Kuwait . Yes, recently, author books Kuwait reportedly demanded Disney and screenwriter movie box-office 'Frozen'.

Muneefa Abdullah - the author's name - claiming plot of the movie 'Frozen' was copied from the story in his book 'New Fairy Tales.' Abdullah Muneefa story book was titled 'The Snow Princess', as reported by Arab News.

However, the lawsuit filed in US District Court, Michigan, it encountered obstacles. The Court stated that Abdullah had never registered any license or authority to duplicate, distribute or publish the stories in 'New Fairy Tales' or 'The Snow Princess.'

The story in 'The Snow Princess' is about a daughter who has magical powers that can change people and objects into ice. Then, the princess hid until eventually generate crime and thus make the princess with its power arbitrarily.

The lawsuit states that the character of the daughter of the same money with daughter Elsa character in the movie 'Frozen'.

As is known, 'Frozen' is one of Disney's box-office films. 'Frozen' ranks fifth in the list of best-selling film version of Mojo.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Angelina Jolie Planning Adoption Syrian Refugees

Angelina Jolie Adoption Syrian Refugees
Do not ask how long the couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt adds adopted children. Recently they plan to adopt a seventh child, taken from the children affected by war Syria.

But can the Hollywood couple to realize the plan, because it would face obstacles of religion following a large number of Syrian refugees are Muslim?

According to Islamic law, adoption is allowed and encouraged. But a foster child can not take the name of a host family, can not be considered true child by adoptive parents. Foster child should use his birth name Muslim.

Islamic law set Thus in order to protect the survival of children and to continue the lineage of his family who are Muslim.

In Islam, adoption is seen more as a form of assistance that enables a child to be placed in safe homes and loving, but never obtain legal status and incoming parts adoptive family.

Adoption limbo
In some Arab countries, such as Morocco, foreigners are prohibited from adopting Muslim children for fear they will not grow up in a Muslim environment.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are non-Muslim. But Jolie often convince himself did not affiliated with any particular religion, but remained faithful. While her husband told the German Bild magazine in 2009: "I'm probably 20 percent atheist and 80 percent agnostic."

The pair have three adopted children from Cambodia, Vietnam and Ethiopia. They tried to introduce children still preserve the cultural and religious descent. So that the children were aware of the roots of their lives.

The questions above may not apply if Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to adopt a child from another religion outside of Islam, as reported by Al Arabiya on Tuesday (04/21/2015).

Nearly 2 million children in Syria are refugees. They are at risk of ill, malnourished, abused, or exploited. Millions of refugees and children who are still in Syria was forced to quit school.

Wear Skirts Super Short, Kendall Jenner Exposure Beautiful Long Legs

Kendall Jenner Exposure Beautiful Long Legs Fetish
Kendall Jenner's career in the modeling world is already no doubt. Kim Kardashian's sister does have a charm of beauty that is so remarkable. No wonder if there are so many parties that recruit Kendall to promote their latest products.

Success at the age of 19 years, Kendall did manage to steal the attention of the public and the media. This time, one of the media cameras managed to capture what Kendall appearance when he celebrated campaign leading fashion brand, Calvin Klein.

Reported by the Daily Mail, the beautiful girl who had reportedly close to Justin Bieber caught wearing a super short skirt. No wonder the long legs that night managed to become the spotlight.

In the photo, you can see what looks like Kendall is so charming. This creme nuances outfit really is perfect with clear skin.

Kendall that day wearing a high neck, combined with a mini-skirt and high heels that simple. He also equip it with a matching clutch bag. A touch of makeup shades of nude really enhance the appearance Kendall day.

Not alone, Kendall came that day accompanied by his family. Neither Kylie Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kris Jenner, all appear stunning and cool. Well, according to you how Kendall appearance this time?
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