Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Secret Warm relations Marriage Scarlett Johansson

After her marriage to Ryan Reynolds have run aground in 2011 ago, Scarlett Johansson now has a successor. Lucky man who is able to fill his heart is Dauriac Romain, a French writer.

This second marriage now in the height of romance. The presence of the baby, Rose also increasingly complement the new family movie player DON JON it.

But apparently, behind happiness, there is a separate secret from Scarlett Johansson to always bring warmth in their relationship. According to 30-year-old actress, who is confident the figure needed to keep the household remains a romantic relationship.

"Marriage requires a lot of things. It takes a man who is not only confident in the love you have for one another, but also confident with what is happening in his own career," said Scarlett Johansson as reported by Parade Magazine.

For the life of his own household, Scarlett Johansson also revealed what the secret behind her relationship harmony.

"We like to go and dance together. At other times, we also like to sit at home and eat Thai food and watch HOUSE HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL (a television show) for four hours. We are interested in the world respectively," she said.

"He was interested in my strange curiosity in aliens. It fascinated him because it was so different from the world. I also want to go to the art show with him (Romain Dauriac) and chatting about art with him. It was a passion Romain," said mother’s Rose Dorothy Dauriac.
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