Thursday, May 14, 2015

Transparent Disposable Clothes, Bra Selena Gomez Caught on Camera

No Bra Selena Gomez Caught on Camera
Popularity owned by Selena Gomez is so remarkable. Whatever she was doing, everything about Justin Bieber's ex-lover will always steal the media and fans are also scattered throughout the world.

This time, one of the paparazzi camera managed to capture images hot Selena when she appeared in the New Orleans, Louisiana. It was there that looks Selena who was wearing a tank top transparent, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Because of that I wonder if Selena's black bra successfully caught on camera. In the portrait, it appears Selena who was contacted someone via cell phone. She looks confident with all-black outfit she was wearing.

That day, the singer of The Heart Wants What It Wants it seemed to be wearing a black tank top made from transparent, combined with matching skinny jeans trousers. Not to forget, she was wearing black ankle boots heels.

Previously, Selena had received insults from her haters assess if she is fat-bodied. However, now Selena prove if he is very confident with her appearance, like whatever it is.
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