Sunday, April 19, 2015

Claudia Romani, Selfie Using Drone in Beach

Claudia Romani, Selfie Using Drone in Beach
Referee sexy Italian League Serie A is getting addicted to spit her beauty through social networking. Not long ago, she was re-posted the photo on the beach wearing sexy lingerie via instagram account. Photos selfie made by utilizing advanced technology drones on Instagram.

In the photo of women who had entered the list of the 100 sexiest women in the world FHM Denmark is seen wearing a distinctive black and white striped bikini on a beach referee. Not only that, she's also showing off a photo is controlling drones fitted with a camera to take a picture.

Drone is a kind of small unmanned aircraft controlled remotely by using the remote. Techniques using drones are already used professional photographers.

Owner name Claudia Romani admits indeed love the beauty of the beach and often photograph Selfie. It was of course the center of attention.

Romani selfie more diligent, because most cosmopolitan magazine in Italy to collect his picture and given a special page for selling her photographs.

She admitted today only loved two things in her life, which led the match on the football field and do selfie. "They both have fun. I love every part of this body," she was quoted elbalonrosa.
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