Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Exotic Vacations Cristiano Ronaldo And His Son

With a busy life as a footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo always never forget to spend time with his only child, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. This time, one of the paparazzi camera warm again managed to capture the moment in between Ronaldo and his son while vacationing at a beach located in the Bahamas.

Thursday (18/6) and then, Cristiano Ronaldo and his son decided to enjoy an exotic vacation at one of the beaches located in the Bahamas. That's where the paparazzi cameras managed to capture their intimate moments.

Not without reason, it turns out this holiday Ronaldo dedicated to celebrate the birthday of the child who now turns 5 years. It was there they looked very happy and enjoying the moments of their togetherness.

Ronaldo was always there near his son to play and also keeping busy while swimming at the beach. Occasionally, he teased his son and hugged him tightly.

Although still small, the fact that the child is able to make his father give up and let go of her very enthusiastic to play water despite the sun getting stung.
However, Ronaldo was still protecting the child so as not washed away by the waves. They even had time chasing each other. Water content to play on the beach, father and daughter decided to immediately walked toward the sand.

Before the break, Ronaldo took his little son to cleanse their bodies of so many sand stuck in their skin. After cleaning and rinse, this handsome footballer decided to relax while sunbathing on a beach chair.

That's where former lover Irina Shayk looks very protective of Ronaldo Jr. He ceaselessly son hugging and even kissing her forehead. Do not care if the sun getting stung, both seemed to be ready to make her skin became more exotic than ever.

Well, welcome moment of Father's Day, romance featured Ronaldo on his son is very sweet. Couples father is not only compact, but also very close to one another. Anyway, happy birthday Ronaldo Jr! ;)
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