Monday, June 8, 2015

Ronaldo dating this girls while still with Irina Shayk

Malena Costa and Samira Salome having sex with Cristiano Ronaldo

Ines Sainz and Daniella Chavez.having sex with Cristiano Ronaldo

In mid-May there were reports about Cristiano Ronaldo is dating teen girls at once behind the back Irina Shayk. Now comes a list of names of girls who managed to tempt Ronaldo to turn away for a moment from the Russian model.

Correio da Manha, Portuguese media has published the names of the women they claim to have a relationship with Ronaldo when he was still in touch with Irina Shayk.

Included in the list is the model Malena Costa, Mexican reporter Ines Sainz and Chile Playboy Playmate Daniella Chavez. 

And the results of investigations conducted Mundo Deportivo call Ronaldo a few times on a blind date with Malena Costa and Samira Salome.

The first name is the former girlfriend Barcelona captain Carles Puyol, and also once dated Atletico Madrid midfielder Mario Suarez.

While Samira Salome is the body of hot models and regular face appeared on the cover of the adult magazine. This woman is happy having an affair with the soccer players.

The Sun newspaper claims that Irina Shayk, who is now dating actor Bradley Cooper Hollywood, receiving anonymous messages to tease by saying that they had flirted with Cristiano.

Their relationship reportedly ended after Irina check the contents of his girlfriend's cell phone and found the numbers belong to different women from all over the world.

The source added: "She was immediately confronted Cristiano about it, but he was initially denied."

"After he explained to him what he had found, he finally admitted to chat with the girls."

"She immediately came out of the house. She ended the relationship immediately. "
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